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Brasserie du Monde: French Cuisine Experience In Sacramento

Have you ever heard of a French taco? Well, our founder, Aziz Bellarbi Salah has, and he wants you to try one.

As of today, May 11, 2021, we are implementing a new vision for Downtown dining, and with that, we’re also adopting a new name. From this point forward Brasserie Capitale will be known as Brasserie du Monde. Translated from French, the name means “Brasserie of the World”.

Our new name is a reflection of the spirit of Renaissance, embodied in our Proprietor. As he puts it, “Our perspective is that we are a new place…[coming out of COVID] the timing for this change is perfect..”

So, what does this mean for you, our guests?

As the name implies, Brasserie du Monde will remain French in its origins. However, we will use the methodologies and traditions of French cuisine as a launching off point, rather than as an end point. Specifically, you can look forward to:

  • Increased creativity in the kitchen, with a renewed emphasis on the role vegetables play in the dining experience
  • A commitment to sourcing local produce, meats & poultry
  • A reimagined wine & spirits program that focuses on local producers & distillers
  • An exciting dining experience that will showcase the best that the region has to offer, while also presenting novel approaches to culinary experiences.

While our name change begins today, you will notice the changes over time, as the menu is expanded and refined and we craft new experiences for our beloved clientele. As Aziz puts it, we are “reinvigorated by the craft of creating unique dining experiences and we revel in the opportunity to delight the community and excite them to dine in a new way.”

Brasserie du Monde is a part of the Reda Bellarbi & Associates, Inc. restaurant group. Their other properties include Aioli Bodega Espanola and The Grand wine bar. The Brasserie is the newest addition to the group, celebrating six years on May 11, 2021, and is the first concept launched by Proprietor, Aziz Bellarbi-Salah.

Stay tuned for our new digital experience.

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